Change Company Office

Quickly give effect to Change in Registered Office.

Every company including a Private Limited Company, an One person Company or a Limited Company registered under the Companies act 2013 is required to have a registered office capable of receiving and acknowledging all communications and notices as may be addressed to it within thirty days of its incorporation. If there is any change in registered office then a notice of every change shall be given to the Registrar within fifteen days of the change. The registered office can be changed with local limits of the same city, town, and village or from one city, village or town to another within the same state or other states. The procedures will differ depending on the type of shifting of the registered office, if the shifting of the registered office is within the same state or the same Registrar of companies (ROC) then the process will be different and if the shifting of the registered office is to a different state or Registrar Of Companies (ROC) the process will be different.


An appropriate form must be filed to intimate the Registrar of Companies of the change of registered office. A professional firm can help in filing the statutory filings for change of registered office.


Books of Accounts: A Company or LLP must maintain Book of Accounts at the Registered Office of the Company. It is important to notify the Registrar of Companies, if the company wants to maintain the Book of Accounts at another place.

Residential Address: It is possible to make the residence a Registered Office of a Company. It is not essential that the Registered Office of a Company have to be a commercial or industrial property. But, it must not be an empty land.

Within City Change: The registered office can be changed within the same village, town or city in one to two days. A few documents are needed to be submitted with Board Resolution, for instance sale deed copy or rental agreement for the new address, recent utility bill and No Objection Certificate from landlord.

Registered Office: It is essential for the companies and LLPs in India to have a Registered Office in the Indian state where the company is registered. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs send all official letters and reminders only at the Registered Office of the Company.

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